How to Build the Backyard of Your Dreams!

So you found the perfect home, now what?

The interior of your home is great, but it’s tough to beat an amazing backyard! Having the option to enjoy a beautiful evening right outside your door is a feature that carries plenty of weight. Especially in a city like Phoenix, with plenty of sun and great temperatures all year round. Settled on a home that has an exterior in need of some love? Let’s talk about some easy tips for designing the backyard of your dreams!

Consider The Options

What makes up your perfect backyard? It’s different for everyone, but there’s plenty of options for features that will make your yard complete! Are you an avid swimmer? Maybe consider putting in a pool to beat the heat and stay fit! Planning on growing your family? Maybe a built-in play area with plenty of space for adventure! Just looking for a spot to kick back? Put in a patio, fire-pit, or outdoor bar and host a party whenever you’d like! Once you’ve picked out what’s right for you, you can emphasize the space at your disposal and get to designing. A backyard can be a blank canvas, and you can mix and match your amenities to fit your lifestyle.

Phoenix, with its balmy temperatures and chances for chilly nights, has its own trends that you can copy if you’re looking for ideas. On the broader side, pergolas, awnings, and gazebos are in right now, with people wanting an escape from the sun in the summer. For the colder season, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and outdoor heaters are hot at the moment (pun intended), allowing for you to use your patio all year long. On the stylish front, seamless tile, zero-edge pools, and planting walls all provide a unique, sleek look to make your space pop. Whether your lot is spacious or a tight-squeeze, there’s plenty of ways to make it your own, so you’ll love to spend your nights outside.

While all these options may sound great, it’s important to make sure to avoid fads when picking out your yard’s new features. Resale value is a big factor at play, and putting something in that isn’t evergreen could be the difference between you getting a great profit on your renovation and taking a loss. Talk to an expert about your idea, and make sure you’ll get out what you put in when it’s time to move on!

Budget, Budget, Budget

After you’ve settled on your dream features, it’s time to talk turkey. Based on the size, specifications, and costs in your area, you can get a ballpark idea of the price tag you can expect. Some renovations will cost less than others, landscaping vs hardscaping for example, and having your amenities prioritized will be a big help when it comes time to make the hard decision. Whether you do your own research or talk to an industry professional for a figure, having a spending ceiling is key, and will allow you to be comfortable with the process without worrying about overspending.

Lastly, it’s always best to remember that this process can be a marathon instead of a sprint, and it’s perfectly fine to allow your renovation to take place one piece at a time. Follow a renovation schedule that works for your wallet, and put together your yard one piece at a time! Keep saving up, and knock out one project after another until you finally complete your dream backyard.

Meet Your Match

With the particulars ironed out, it’s time to put your plan into action! Finding the right contractor is one of the last hurdles to clear in your project, so make sure to examine their past work and get a quote before signing on. Don’t let the finished product be less than what you were expecting, and getting paired with a professional who suits your style is the best way to go about it. Shop around, get a few bids, and you’re sure to love the result!

It can be a stressful process to remake your yard to suit your needs, and it always helps to have an expert in your corner. From financing to navigating trends, and everything in between, our doors are always open to answer any questions you may have!

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Sean Reger-Flores is a Managing Partner at Asher Chaim Capital Ventures.