Lease Options

Lease Options Overview

Unsure if you want to buy a home right now or lease to own? Asher Chaim has just the solution for you. At Asher Chaim we believe everyone deserves the right to home ownership. With our leasing program you buy a home through a rent-to-own agreement. In this agreement, you are able to rent the property of your choice for an agreed upon time before gaining ownership of the property as your home.

How Do We Do This?

We have an established network of owners and investors who agree to have a potential buyer occupy the property for a designated period of time by acting as the lessee until the purchase option becomes available in order to complete the sale of your new home. This option is tailored for those buyers who may not be a not be able to buy right now but meet the qualifications set forth by the seller for the buyer to occupy the property while the buyer pays rent to the seller with the intent to sell to the buyer or lessee in the future. This option benefits both parties and can be an effective alternative to buy now.

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