Finding You a Home

The Asher Chaim Approach

There is nothing more important than finding the right home. Whether you are a first time buyer or looking to move to your next home, Asher Chaim has the resources and experienced agents just for you. There is a lot to consider when making the right decision for your future home, and for this reason we provide you with all information and education necessary to make this as seamless and easy a process as possible. Here is our approach.

1. Initial Meeting and Consultation

It is very important to us to establish a relationship with you as our client, one built on trust and our core values of leadership, integrity, value and excellence. Here we learn about your needs and wants to ensure the best possible outcome and to help us find the right home for you.

2. Determine Your Price Range

Before we can find the the perfect home that suits your lifestyle, first we need to determine what you can comfortably afford. This can either be done by utilizing your own lender or using one within our network. In either case, the lender will gather your financial data to calculate your mortgage, establish a down payment, and get you pre-approved for a new home loan.

3. Select Homes to Tour

Now that you are ready to shop, armed with your pre-approved loan from the bank, your trusted Asher Chaim agent will work with you to find the home within the area and price range you feel most comfortable.

4. Place an Offer

After touring your selected homes with your agent and hopefully finding the home of your dreams, it is time to place an offer. Your Asher Chaim agent will handle al the leg work, communicating with the seller to let your offer be known. If the offer is accepted, you will be advised to inspect the home for any material defects by a licensed home inspector.

5. Negotiation

Once the inspection has been completed and reviewed by you and your agent, you may have the desire for other contingencies or room for improvement in sale price. In some cases, this can mean a re-negotiation that can result in a decrease in price and therefore savings for you. Once these terms are to your satisfaction, the purchase of the property can proceed to closing.

6. Closing On Your Home

In the final step in the purchase process, your trusted Asher Chaim agent will work with you and the selected title company to ensure your home is free and clear of any liens or encumbrances. Once the all-clear has been given from the title company, all you have to do is sign the closing documents and finance any down payments, and the deal will be closed. The keys to your new home are delivered.