Selling a Home

The Asher Chaim Approach

With Asher Chaim you get the benefit of working one-on-one with an experienced knowledgeable agent. Our dedicated team will help list, market and close on your home for sale, while saving you time and money from commissions. You will find your real estate experience to be seamless and cost effective compared to other realtors in the market. Asher Chaim agents will take you step by step through the process from initial introductions to listing for sale until the day of close. Here is our approach.

1. Determine the Selling Price

One of the key roles of an Asher Chaim agent is to help determine the value of your home to ensure that the listing and sale of the property goes as smoothly as possible. Your trusted agent will inspect the home and advise on what price is fair according to market conditions, combined with our knowledge of the market statistics we will assure your property is marketed correctly and your listing sells at the price you deserve. This is done by conducting a Comparative Market Analysis or better known as a CMA. The data retrieved is not determined by the agent or seller; it is determined by up to date market conditions and information provided by MLS data that reflects sold, active and pending properties which are comparable to your home. Once the price is determined and agreed upon a listing contract will be provided to outlining sales price, dates, terms and conditions to sell your home.

2. Prepare for Showings and Marketing

After the sale price is determined you are now ready to prepare your home for showings. Your trusted agent will handle all the heavy lifting from here by marketing and showing your home during designated times that work for you. If in person showings are not an option we have you covered with our digital marketing services. Since the marketing of your home is an art and based on showcasing unique features of your home in order to enhance its value. Our elevated technologies and network affiliates will provide buyers with high definition videos, high resolution images, 3D and virtual reality so your home's value is showcased in the finest light. These techniques will offer options to view for buyers to ensure your property is marketed and shown in the most efficient and safe manner possible.

3. List and Review Offers

After the listing and showing of your home through many of our marketing channels, it's not before long your home will receive offers to buy. It is our agents priority to disclose any and all offers to you so you can make the best decision possible and close on the best deal available.

4. Home Inspections and Appraisal Period

It is common that once you receive and accept an offer the buyer will ask for an inspection and an appraisal of your home, with the industry standard being about a ten day period. During this time you must grant access to the property and comply with any and all agreed upon (in writing) requests to conduct these inspections.

5. Closing - The Final Step in Selling Your Home

Once all the inspections have been completed, all negotiations and contingencies of the contract are met and agreed upon by both parties (buyer and seller), you are now ready to proceed to closing. Your trusted Asher Chaim agent will work with all parties involved including the title agent to ensure a smooth closing and all agreements and contingencies are met. One all closing documents are recorded funds will be dispersed to you and keys will be delivered to the buyer...Congratulations you home is sold!