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A real estate broker is someone who has passed the broker's license exam, which tests over a width range of tax, insurance, and ethical information. While there are different types of brokers, in general brokers are in charge of overseeing real estate agents, making sure they are always in compliance with state laws. Brokers also often resolve transaction disputes between other brokers or agents, and review all available information to make sure the transaction goes as smooth as possible.

A real estate agent provides tons of services to their clients. For a home seller, your agent can list your home on the MLS, which in turn will list the home on dozens of listing sites, generating tons of interest in your home. For both home buyers and sellers, you're going to want an agent by your side who knows every aspect of the industry and knows what to watch out for. Agents are also must-haves at the negotiating table, as they have the experience and knowledge to get you the best possible price. Agents always have a fiduciary duty to their clients, meaning the agent is bound by law to serve in your best interest!

Here at Asher Chaim, we are driven by the vision of building a superior client-centric real estate brand that leverages technology and utilizes the latest marketing tools and resources to deliver an unmatched client experience in real-estate. This starts with the professional team we build. Asher Chaim believes by providing our agents with world-class training focused on professional growth, leveraging our suite of technology and pairing that with the latest market data, we can provide our clients and our community with unmatched value and service.

While every situation is different, ultimately your goal should be to own a property you can build equity in. And while sometimes it may feel impossible to save up enough to buy your dream home, it doesn't have to be with Asher Chaim's Rent to Own program! You can learn more about this on our Lease Options page


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